Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bergen County Closed
Chess Mates
March, 2007
Here I was with the white pieces when my opponent played 26... Ne7-c8, relinquishing his control of the very important square f5. Taking advantage of this, I played 27. Bd3-f5 attacking the black queen and knight (diagram). Without much thought, black moved 27...qe8. This move drastically changes the complexion of this game since white can now penetrate the position via c7. I played 28. qc7 attacking the bishop. Black held the position a tad longer with 28... qe7. Then, the sneaky-looking 29. qb8 wins a piece. Black resigned soon after...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

White to Move and Draw
Moravec Study
Okay, you could end up with an endgame whose drawing technique is similar to this one. It's a very practical lesson. So, you've decided to look at the solution:
1. Kb5 h5 2. Kc6 Kc8 to prevent the White king from taking the b7 square. 3. Kd5 and the king is within the queening square of the H pawn. If 2... h5, then 3. Kb7 h3 4. c6 h2 5. c7+ is also a draw.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Petrosian - Bronstein
Moscow, 1956
By all accounts, Petrosian had a very strong position against Bronstein who had just played 35... Nf5 from d4. Inexplicably, Petrosian played the howling blunder 36. Ng5??. Brontein must have been incredulous but played 36...Nd6. Petrosian resigned. It just shows you that everyone is prone to a catatrophic lapse of attention.