Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Hang On. Don't Give Up. Create Complications. They Might Bear Fruit.

White played 21.Rc7 capturing a pawn, a pawn-grab that tangentially led to his defeat. Black prepared the groundwork for a counterattack with 21...hg3  22. hg3. The problem with White's recapture at g3 with the f pawn is that the e3 square became weak. Recapturing with the King, such as 22.Kg3 opens up attacking lines beginning with 22...Nh5+. The stage is set for the comeback victory, being down a rook.

22...Nd5 attacking the rook on c7. Considering what happened next, White should have given up the rook for the knight with a move like 23.Qc1. Instead, White played 23.Rc1.

Clearly, White overlooked the fork in 23...Ne3+. Black won after several more moves. We all had that feeling of hopelessness,  to resign the game, presuming that the material disadvantage is simply too debilitating. But, in this case, I played on, creating weaknesses in my opponent's position, doing the best we can,  plus a healthy dose of luck.


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