Thursday, August 10, 2006

Don't you sometimes find yourself in a situation where you should have known, or that it was something quite obvious and how in the world did you not see it? Well, I think it happens because there are positions that easily hide a good, sometimes decisive, counterblow. Take for example the position above. I was already a rook up, but that wasn't the point. My opponent wanted to go on the attack, and certainly the fork of the rook and B pawn was very tempting. So, 28... Nd3 was played. Mind you, being a blitz game, this move might not have been made if there was more time to think things out, but blitz is blitz! To this,
I whipped out 29. Re2 since it was a counter-attack. It took a couple ticks on the clock for both myself and my opponent to fully realized that the black bishop was trapped. The knight move to D3 blocked off its escape route!