Sunday, February 07, 2021

Using a Tempo for the Win


As in any game of chess, when one has material advantage, the question is always how to convert it into a win. We know that seeking exchanges will increase that advantage, but where is that coup de grace that finally bags the win.

As Black, I enjoyed a comfortable advantage over my opponent. But even with a two-pawn advantage, connected central passed pawns plus a rook for his out-of-position Knight, the win still had to be worked out.

Black played 44...e4 to support his D pawn. The pawns are connected  and ready to roll down the files to promotion.

White replied with 45.g4 to begin his own pawn roller on the kingside, having a pawn majority there. I must admit that the next move was not premeditated but came to me only after taking a closer look at the position after White's move. I figured that the fastest way to victory was through a nifty discovered check. That would begin with 45... Rh3+!

White must capture. There is no other move. 

46.Kh3 and then the clincher 46...d2+

47.Kh2 and finally Black promotes his D pawn into a Queen with 47...D1(Q). After a few more moves, White resigned.


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