Monday, October 05, 2020

Overcoming a Two-piece Material Disadvantage

At this point in the game, after 23...Ke7, as White, I found myself paying heavily for the mistakes I committed. Down two minor pieces with only two pawns to show, my plan was to create complications and swindle my opponent. And of all the advantages, my opponent possessed the bishop pair. I focused my play on the indirect pin on the Black King by the rook on e1.

24.f4 Bf4 I hoped for the bishop to flee somewhere so that I could capture the Black rook, taking advantage of the pin. But Black had a point. If 25.Qd5, then 25...Bc1 and things will still work out for him quite well. So, 25.Rc2 renewing the threat. Black pulled his bishop off the f4 square to 25...Bd6. At this point, I took advantage of the pin via 26.Qd5.

Some material regained, but the capture of the rook was not enough to fully equalize. With correct play, Black was still winning.

 Black moved to get out of the pin 26... Kf8  27.Qf3 Re8  28.Qf6 What else could White do but to play actively. Here, White planned to harass the Black king with a check on h8.  

Unfortunately for Black, he played 28...Bd5, threatening mate on g2. But it would not be a mate because of the rook on c2. Perhaps, Black overlooked the rook, but he also overlooked the winning move for White. 29.Qh8 checkmate. 


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