Monday, January 17, 2022

Double Attack on the Hanging Rooks


White has a slight space advantage in the center plus the half-open B file ripe for the doubling of his rooks. White's immediate threat is 21. c5, gaining more space. It would have been logical for Black to play 20...c5 himself, blocking White's pawn advance, but Black played 20...Ke8? This move left the Black rook on e6 hanging. What motivated Black to play the move? I can only speculate that he wanted to transfer his King to the kingside. But why? Perhaps, he expected exchanges in the center and began a king-march to the kingside for safety. In response, I played 21. Bd4 for a double attack on the Black rooks. Exchanging rooks does not help for after 21... Re1 22. Re1+ the Black king still has to address the check before he can move his rook on h8. White won a rook, and Black resigned. 


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