Tuesday, August 07, 2007

World Youth U16 Olympiad 2007

In case you didn't notice, the olympiad began on August 4th and it will run till the 12th. Checked into five hotels are 34 teams from around the globe. The Singapore Chess Federation plays host this time, and the playing venue is the Asean Chess Academy. Four players make up a team in this 10-round Swiss. Time control is 90 mins plus 30 seconds increment.

After five rounds, we've got India, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Philippines, and Australia 1 ( they have several teams ) in the top five respectively. Round Six will be played on August 8th.
The best players according to the points they have earned so far are IM Wesley So (Philippines) with five ( that's 100% ), Mustafa Khursed (Uzbekistan) 4.5 and Pascua Haridas (Philippines) with 4.5.

The Philippine team has done very well. They won over Switzerland (1.0-3.0), England (2.5-1.5), Sri Lanka (0.0-4.0) and Iran (1.5-2.5). However, they lost to Hungary (1.5-2.5).

The USA fielded two teams. US1 is currently number 11 on the rankings. Comprising this team are Christian Tanaka, Robert Lau, Jared Tan, Eric Zhang. It sounds like they are all Asian-Americans. They have won four matches---So. Africa (2.5-1.5), Sri Lanka2 (1.5-2.5), Sri Lanka1 (3.5-.5) and Iceland (1.5-2.5). They lost to India (0-4) Ouch!

I think India will win this one...


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