Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A little star, rising...

Samantha Glo Revita, a name we are not familiar with but perhaps it is time we did. Samantha is a second grader at the Rosales North Central School in Pangasinan, The Philippines. Born as late as 1999, Samantha's NCFP rating is only 1945 but Philippine ratings tend to be much lower than western ratings.

Samantha's latest achievement was a Gold Medal at the 8th ASEAN Age Group Chess Championship, Year 2007 at Pattaya, Thailand. ASEAN stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations, if I am not mistaken. Samantha also won the Bronze in the Blitz Chess tournament ( 5-min ). On top of that, the Philippine team won three Silver Medals.

A year earlier, at the 7th ASEAN Age Chess Championship 2006 at Jakarta, Indonesia, Samantha won the Silver Medal. She also won the Silver Medal at the 2nd ASIAN School Chess Festival in Singapore. Locally, Samantha's achievements are Gold Medals for both 2006 and 2007 National Age Group Chess Championship in Manila. That's quite a roll for a 7-yr old, isn't it?

Reportedly, no one from the National Chess Federation of the Philippines was at the airport to welcome home Samantha and her teammates after the 10-day tournament. Ooops. In fairness, the NCFP funded Samantha's airfare and hotel accommodations, and presumably the same for her teammates. Samantha's father said they were happy about Samantha's success and they will not make an issue about the NCFP's oversight.

Not to be snubbed altogether, Samantha received her well-deserved kudos from her hometown government who honored her with a parade and a recognition program. This coming December, Samantha will represent her country in the World Youth Chess Championship in Turkey. Good luck, Samantha.


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