Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sevillano - Mulyar
My friend, Enrico, is not doing very well in the standings, but here is the penultimate position in his Round Seven game against IM Mulyar. Earlier, black sacrificed a piece for a chance to attack the white king via pawnbreak supported by the queen and rook along the C file. Well, it didn't work as planned. Here we are at move 30 when Sevillano played 30. Qe8! This sacrifice might have caught his opponent by surprise. Black will lose a piece if he plays 30... Re8 31. Nc6+. Black can instead play 30...Qb4, but after 31. Qb5+ simplification makes White's win easier. BTW, Black resigned after Sevillano took the bishop.
Finally, as you can see, I am trying a colored board on this blog. Maybe, it looks a bit better!


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