Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gm 3
- Bacrot
After three games, the Frenchman isn't doing very well against the American. The match score stands at 2.5 - .5 in favor of Kamsky. Maybe after the one-day break, Bacrot will come around with some winning chances. Anyway, here we are at move 33 where White was pushing a pair of connected pawns on the 5th rank. Kamsky, on the 20th move, won a pawn on b5. As we can see from this position, that gain of a single pawn proved to be the root of his victory. From the position above, play continued with 33. d6. Not taking the pawn and relying on the pin on the white rook on d3 will not bear fruit because White will just continue with 34. dc. So, after 33...cd, the Kamsky pushed 34. c6 threatening to march this pawn all the way to c8. Kamsky has made Bacrot's life terribly difficult! Finally, 34... d5 to protect the c7 square but after 35. Ra7+ Kh6 36. c7 Bacrot resigned since he had to give up his bishop for the pawn.


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