Monday, May 28, 2007

Gm 2
- Polgar
Earlier, Polgar sac a knight to get a pawn majority on the kingside, and started pushing her G and H pawns. Bareev's rook had to hurry back from the queenside to catch the H pawn in time. Here we are at 61. Bc6, kicking the rook from the g2 square. Isn't that a waste of tempo? Well, not in this case where Bareev could already see that his lone bishop can hold off a phalanx of pawns for as long as they are along the same diagonal. There's one endgame tip for you! Anyway, 61... Re2 was played. Take note that there is no way for Black to attack the passed A pawn from behind while maintaining influence along the second rank because the King and B pawn are blocking the way. Play continued 62. a6 Re7 63. Ra1 ( threatening to push) Ra7 ( blocking). The advance of both the G and H pawns are held in check by the bishop. Bareev put the topper on his Christmas tree by playing 64. Bg2, permanently blockading Black's kingside pawn. The lone bishop can hold all of them off! If the black King approached, the white king would go east to meet him in time, providing support to the bishop. In the meantime, Black's rook cannot stop the pawnroller of the A and B pawns supported by the rook. Polgar resigned.


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