Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here's one of those positions in blitz chess wherein one would find the right continuation if he had more time to think about it. I played 34... Qe4 holding the position together with a threat on e8. That's good enough for blitz. However, post-game analysis led me to 34...Rf2! So, if white took the rook with 35. Qf2, then 35...Qf2+ 36. Kf2 Bd4+ forks the king and rook on a1. The a pawn will promote. If white played 35. Qg6+ , then 35...Qg6 36. Bg6+ Kg6 37. Kf2 Bd4+ and again we have the double attack on the king and rook. Perhaps, the best continuation for white was 35. Qb7.


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