Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Who has never lost a game? Tell me, who? If we go over our games and identify where we erred, we should also critically look at how we behave after losing a game. It's not a problem for most people. Most people possess the maturity and the grace to not take away anything from the winner. But you've met the people who I've met, those who are uncouth enough to demean your victory. They may not be exactly the same people, but essentially they are. I defeated a young man once who declared our game " boring " and left without showing me how much more exciting the game could have been. And there was this guy who kept staring at me after I played a move that turned his winning game into a draw, like I wasn't suppose to do my best for my own interest. I don't see any problems with the game, but I see them in the people who play the game. Take a look at Korchnoi against Peter Leko. Yes, this is just one more manifestation of Korchnoi's crankiness. The dismissive wave of his hand in the end could only mean, " Your game is crap and you shouldn't have won the game. "


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