Saturday, July 11, 2009

Once in a while you end up with a position that is noteworthy just by dint of its peculiarity. You will see that white is a rook up but his queen and king have become the unfortunate victims of the black rook when he played 36... Rh8. Well, there is a way out. I played 37. Rf7+ Kg1 (forced) and then 38. Ra8+ wins it for white even after 38...Qb8. My king and queen remained skewered by the rook.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a useless threat by black because of a winning series of moves for white. - Kiko

4:23 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Nice finish!

Another entertaining line is
37.Rxf7+ Kg8
38.Rg7+ Kf8
39.Qxh8# (capturing the rook with mate, to 'break the pin' and run Black's nose in it)... :)

Best regards,

10:04 AM  

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