Wednesday, June 24, 2009

There's no happiness no matter what. Last Monday night, the club, Dumont Chess Mates, had a scheduled 4-round G/10 tournament wherein I scored four wins and two losses with two games per round/opponent. Yeah, it should have been eight games but we ran out of time and several players expressed their willingness to cut it down to three rounds. We had to be out of the Teaneck Jewish Center by 11 pm. The club will be meeting there throughout this Summer. Six games of G/10 was good enough for me actually. I was beginning to tire and an onsetting headache made me want to not think anymore. Ah, it would be nice to have the stamina and retentive powers of a young person but at fifty-two years I am already qualified to play in seniors only tournaments. Anyway, when my son asked about my results, he said that winning four out of six was good. Good? I don't think and feel so. Like most chessplayers, I relive the blunders in my head and curse the moments when I made mistakes. It's always, " I could have done better. " Chess is hard on and off the board, and the emotional toll is definitely there.


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