Monday, March 16, 2009

The Bergen County Open 2009 started last Monday, the 9th, with three sections and forty-one players. It has been, for many years, a closed tournament. That means in order to compete you must be either a resident of New Jersey, work in NJ, or a member of the Dumont Chess Mates. This year, it is an open tournament with no restrictions. I don't think you even need to be a member of the club to play in the tournament. Anyway, we're a good club with friendly and respectful members, regular playdates, but we need to beef up our master level. Here's a point in my game where I have to decide to burn the bridges behind me or not.

My opponent has just played 15. Nd2-g6. I was expecting him to do someting about his bishop on b2, like 15. Bc1, or get this knight out to c4 or b3. To put the knight on f3 is to invite a sacrifice on g4. I had to think about this sac carefully, foreseeing how life will be for me after the white king ends up on h2 and h1. I decided it was worth the try. So, I went in with 15...Ng4 16. hg4? Accepting the sac is the worse white can do. White could have tried 17. Rh1, Nf6 18. Kh2 with the G file open for his rook. Play continued 17...Qg4+ 18. Kh1 Nf4 19. Rg1 Qh5 forcing 20. Nh2 Qe2 getting my minor piece back. With two pawns up and after the exchange of queens, my game was pretty much winning.


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hello people from this chess thing
i was wondering do u need to be speacial age to go play in that tournament its in of my school year now and im going to 8th grade. i was wondering can i joined that game i just feel sad that i dont do anything in my life and i was hoping someone could tell me if how to play there
if you can email in

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