Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Topalov just scored the first win in the match, and that's going to put Kamsky in a deep psychological hole. He hasn't won a single game against Topalov ever, and it was imperative that Kamsky score the first win in this match. I am afraid that with this first win Topalov will set the tone in the match, and that will require Kamsky to play riskier. After two rounds, they get a day's rest and that will work in Kamsky's favor. Speaking of riskier play, these first two games are not exactly play-safe games. I think we have seen fighting chess in these first games, and they foretell an exciting match. In today's game, Kamsky's bishops, both of them, were hanging at one time.

Wesley So is playing in the Aeroflot 2009 tournament with a first round win over a GM and a loss to an IM in the second round. He's in Group A1. Let's wish him the best.


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