Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dresden Chess Olympiad, 2008
The 2008 Dresden Chess Olympiad got underway today, and the Philippine team faced the Chinese team for Round One. Tough assignment, but GM Wesley So (2610) defeated GM Ni Hua (2710) in 42 moves. That was a Ruy Lopez by Ni Hua. By the 24th move, 24. cd5 Nc8 ( diagram ), it became obvious that Black's game had nothing to offer, and only a matter of correct technique kept GM So from gaining the point. Double passed pawns in the middle for White, a bad bishop on F8 and a miserable rook on G8, the writing was on the wall. The thing is, GM Ni Hua kept on playing even when the position looked like one of those textbook rook and pawn endings that even a B player would have no trouble winning. In the end, Black's passed A pawn meant nothing but a burden on his very own rook while all White had to do was to advance his three pawns on the kingside along with his king, his rook behind the A pawn, making sure black doesn't give that check on the white king and then promote his A pawn due to the tempo gained.

41. f4 a2 42. Kf5


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