Thursday, September 06, 2007

Elevages Perigord and fine culinary dining...really?
I am getting a bit sick of chess lately, and so I will focus on another important aspect of life. It has not escaped my notice that some chess websites blend their content with other genres without truly blurring their focus on chess. I am almost convinced that all chess and no other makes for a boring site. So, let me turn to an area that is close to my heart and that is the welfare of animals. I consider myself blessed with an ability to be compassionate to animals especially when they are caught in an abusive situation, caught in a no-win situation, not even a draw. We have at least one thing to our advantage as human beings, and that is our ability to articulate our feelings and thoughts, like asking for help. This is the part that moves me the most; abused animals cant speak for themselves in a world that is highly verbal. So, as with bullied kids in the schoolyard a long time ago, female friends who could not get away from an abusive boyfriend, and non-English speaking people who can't explain their situation to a police officer or a judge, I am always willing to help.

I recently discovered a group that is doing excellent work in this area. I have added a link to their website on my sidebar but here it is anyway: You can read all about their work by clicking on the many links, but mind you there is stuff there that could upset you. Click on the Foie Gras Assembly Line, and you see how it isn't so chic to eat it, particularly from a company named Elevages Perigord of Canada. They are being accused of numerous violations of Canadian law pertaining to the ethical treatment of animals, even those meant for food. Here's a link to the complaint written by Gene Baur, President, and Andrew Plumbly, Director of Global Action Network to the Quebec provincial police: Okay, I know that these things can weigh heavy on your heart and it can be depressing. There are ways to help like donating, spreading the word, and not patronizing products/companies born from this situation. I do know that sells the foie gras from this company, and I have written Amazon ( I've spent a lot of money at ) that I will no longer buy from them until this matter is resolved. I consider it a conflict of interest. Please do not confuse the effort for the ethical treatment of animals with blind faith, militancy, bleeding hearts, or a push for all of us to turn vegetarians. Animals slated for slaughter for food should be treated with dignity and not abused ( read the complaint). There are serious cases of abuse out there, and we should all be concerned. This is my opinion.


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