Friday, September 07, 2007

Kalmyk Chess Academy

When it comes to government support for chess, it is hard to beat the Kalmyk model. Chess, Kalmykia, and Ilyumzhinov could be treated as synonyms in the next issue of Roget's Thesaurus. Although some form of it already exists, the FIDE and Kalmyk President announced the establishment and building by decree of the New International Chess Academy of the Republic of Kalmykia ( Sept.5, 2007).

This development should hardly surprise anyone au courant with international chess scene. The announcement was made at the FIDE website, stating its mission as, " The aim of the "Chess Academy" in Elista is to train chess players on a professional level, in order to achieve stable results, to perform norms of "FIDE Master", "International Master", "International Grandmaster." The new building will contain sixty rooms with the source of the financing already determined. I guess that's speaking euphemistically about someone.

Ilyumzhinov has appointed FIDE Office General Director Mr. Vyacheslav Namruev as Director of academy. The call is out for national federations and their members to cooperate with the Chess Academy in Elista. The Kalmyk government made it clear that they are interested in your proposals, questions, applications to have lessons in the Academy and to send them to


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This is a good idea that government should support chess club or chess meeting. It is a wonderful game that rises the tactical analysis capacity of players.

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