Thursday, August 09, 2007

British Championships 2007

Over the other side of the pond, Jason Aagaard of Scotland is leading the tournament with 7.5 points out of nine. You probably recognize the name from Chessbase DVDs. The tenth round is being played as I write this report. Aagaard's debit of 1.5 points are from a draw and a loss. The loss came at the hands of a fellow GM-elect Stewart Haslinger of England in Round 8 with Aagaard playing white in a Ruy Lopez. Haslinger is currently in second place. Time control for this tournament is 40/120, 20/60 and then 30 mins to completion. The tournament is being held at the Great Yarmouth College at Great Yarmouth, July 29-August 11th. I think this one goes to eleven rounds.


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