Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chess relic for sale...

Yet, another chess clock from the CLUB ARGENTINO DE AJEDREZ is being sold. Well, this one is owned by a certain Mr. B. Bendek who bought it from the club. Evidently, there were three clocks used during the Alekhine-Capablanca Match in Argentina in 1927. This clock was used for games 15-34 of the match, according to the club. The clock used for games 7 - 13 was sold last year while clock used for games 1-6 will not be sold. The club will keep that one. As for the clock on sale, it will come with a letter of authenticity from the club. Aside from the match, the clock saw action in simultaneous exhibitions given by Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, and Tartakower. It was finally retired in 1955.

I think that for a collector this item is certainly one of the most sacred. It is good that the table, chess pieces, chairs, and clocks from the Alekhine-Capablanca match (1927) are still around. The bidding is expected to go into the five digits and it already has, at $11,000 with five days to go. I vaguely remember a news report that Kasparov tried to purchased the table and pieces in a private sale, but no cigar for the former world champion. It makes you wonder about the stuff from the Fischer-Spassky Match. I believe that the table and pieces are on display at the Chess Hall of Fame in Miami. I might be mistaken, but that's the mental note I made. How long shall we wait for them to go on sale?

Here is the link to bidding:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few years ago I read that a visitor to Iceland asked to see the chess board used in Spassky - Fischer 1972. They had to get it out of a closet.

The reporter indicated that the board etc is not on display anywhere, and that apparently few people have bothered to trek to Iceland and hunt around enuf to see the board.

Now you say the pieces are on display in Miami?

I know that a company that put up approx $50,000 for the filming rights was barred from filming after the first couple of games (or at least barred from the good vantage point they had paid for?).
I would think the pieces might have made a fair way to make up for the fact that the company could not be given its money back.
I dunno.


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Blogger Ted Teodoro said...

Hi there! I have emailed the World Chess Hall of Fame about their exhibit relating to the " Fischer Table." I'd like to know exactly the story behind it. Will post more information later...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.

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