Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rd 3

Wely -

With black to move, Motylev certainly knew what he was doing. Van Wely had just moved his rook to c4 to attack the pawn on d4. Motylev could have just defended the pawn with 33...e5 and still have a better game than his opponent. For example, 33...e5 34. Rb1 Rf3. However, Motylev had grander plans and proceeded with 33...Bg3. Play continued with 34. Rd4+ Ke7 35. e5 and here Motylev revealed his true intentions. He played the very lovely 35...Re1+ and the king has to recapture by force with 36. Ke1. The discovered attack 36...Rf4+ wins back the rook, and that's how Motylev ended up a piece ahead. 0-1


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