Saturday, June 09, 2007


The chess festival is underway with the National Open as its main section plus several side events. Victor Korchnoi is the star attendee. He drew his first round game against a 2200 player. Okay, let's go down a bit on the totem pole and look at a game between IM Enrico Sevillano 2571 and FM T. Brownscombe 2200. This game began as a Sicilian Alapin (C3) but transformed into a French. From the diagram above, Sevillano sacrificed his knight with 21. Nd5. Initially, you'd think that the big idea was to net two pawns for the knight plus an attack down the D and E files. Well, kinda. There's more. So, Brownscombe accepted the sac with 21...ed5 ( 21...Ng8 22. Nb6 Rc7 23. Nd7 Be7 24. b5 ab5 25. ab5 Qa5 bc6 +- 12.75 Fritz ) but then came 22. e6. It seems that Sevillano had his eye on the e6 square all along, and this is the break he truly wanted to make. Play contiued 22... Be6 ( 22... d4 23. ed7+ Kd7 24. Nd4 Nd4 25. Qf4 and white is completely winning ) 23. Qd5 Be7 unpinning the bishop. At this point, he does have two pawns for his knight, but what now for Sevillano? Well, 24. Re6! taking the bishop [ diagram 2 ].

With the bishop on e6 gone, the d7 square has become weak. The game continued 24... fe6 25. Qe6 and both the rook on c8 and the g6 pawn are under attack. Amazingly, Sevillano is a rook down in exchange for two pawns plus a strong attack on an exposed king. He's actually winning here. What can black do? If 25... Kf8, then 26. Ne5 Ne5 27. Be7+ Kg7 28. Bf6+ Kh7 29. Rd7+ Nhf7 30. Rf7+ Kh6 31. Bg7+ and mate will follow soon. Let's see about 25... Rc7, then 26. Bg6+ Kf8 27. Bh6+ Rh6 28. Qf7 mate. And 25... Rg8, there's the very beautiful 26. Qc8+ Kf7 27. Qe6+ WOW!!! Ke6 28. Bb3+ Kf5 29. Rd5+ Ke6 30. Rd4+ Kf5 31. Rf4 mate. This game is filled with many tactical combinations. Finally, the game went 25... Nf7 26. Qc8+ and black resigned. Let's take a look at 26...Bd8 27. Qe6+ Be7 28. Be7 Ne7 29. Rd7 0-0 30. Re7 and white wins. One more, 26... Nfd8 27. Qd7+ Kf7 28. Bb3+ Kg7 29. Be7 and white wins.


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