Wednesday, May 09, 2007

FIDE versus GM Short

So, FIDE has decided to haul GM Nigel Short in front of an ethics committee to answer charges of libel against GM Azmaiparashvili and Makropoulos, Fide Deputy President and Vice President respectively. Evidently, Short, during his coverage of the tournament at San Luis, declared that " "The Fide Deputy President + Vice President spent more time at the hotel 16 km away despite being paid 1000s of dollars plus considerable expenses to do their job on the Appeals Committee. It came as absolutely no surprise to me that these dumbheads would flunk the first crisis they were presented with (Elista). I might add that Azmai is singularly inappropriate for such work having by his own admission cheated to win the 2003 European Championship." Wow! Those are fighting words but I like people who have strong opinions. According to Short, " "I have nothing to retract and I look forward to humiliating them in any hearing or court." Great stuff! This should be very interesting. More to come...


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