Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rd 3
This was just an absolutely brilliant game where initiave, constant pressure, and an early queen outing make up the main ingredients. Mamedyarov, who played White, won in thirty moves. Topalov lost the initiative early in the game, and never regained it. Try playing over the game if you have the time. Here is a big moment when Mamedyarov played 28. Rf3-Rd3, a double-attack on the black queen and bishop. Topalov might have been ready for it. If he was, then he allowed his queen to be seriously misplaced after the following combination: 28... Bh2+ 29. Kh2 Qf1 and finally 30. Rd7. Black resigned since the white queen's entry via e6 or g6 cannot be prevented by the black queen or the rook on h8. Mate will follow soon.


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