Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mtel 2007

Rd. 6

Looking over this game, it struck me as a surprisingly easy way to win the exchange from GM Adams. Surely, I must be missing something. Anyway, here we are after GM Sasikiran's 18. Nc5. Adams opted to play his knight to 18... Nd5. I think with this move Adams placed himself in a no-win situation. Fritz4 suggested 18... Bc5 19. dc Nd7. Play continued with 19. Na6 Nc3. Now, isn't this asking for trouble? It is quite obvious that white can capture on c4 and then both rook and knight will be under attack. Sasikiran went on with 20. Qc4 Nb5 and then finally the rook fell with 21. Nb8. We have to consider the continuation 19... Rb6, attacking the knight. But, after 20. Qc4 Nc3, white can go ahead and capture the knight with 21. Qc3 and the knight on a6 is defended by the bishop on f1.


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