Friday, May 11, 2007


Rd 1

Nisipeanu - Kamsky

Today's game was an exciting draw spurned on, perhaps, by the Sofia Rules. I would hazard to suggest that without the Sofia Rules these GMs would have agreed to a draw earlier in what obviously looks like a rook and pawn endgame with an equal number of pawns. Here's the position just before it turned into a draw by repetition. It's white's move after black's 42...Rc1-c4. At this point, you can already envisioned the box in which the white king is corralled by the rook on e4. This is the box that needed to be broken for white to avoid a perpetual check. However, Nisipeanu played 43. rc7, adding pressure on f7 but keeping the box untouched. Any rook move to cover the A, B, or D files would have provided some cover for the white king. Time pressure must be culprit. Kamsky secured a draw by 43... Rcd4+, and the perpetual check is on for as long as black does not move the rook on e4. Fritz recommened 43. rd6.


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