Monday, May 07, 2007

Bergen County Closed 2007
Final Round

Finally, the last round of the Bergen County Closed at the Dumont Chess Mates became a reality, after a month of delay due to good reasons. In four rounds, I have not lost a game and a draw would secure me undisputed second place. Here I was on move 31 in a position that is not too bad for black ( me). I considered white's E and D pawns as weak, and I could get a pawnroller going on the queenside. For some inexplicable reason, instead of just waiting for white to advance his kingside pawn and create a blockade, I choose to play 31... g5? I can't explain it except that a knight on g5 adds to the defense of f7. This was a colossal blunder. It was like opening the front door to the wolves! So, after 32. hg Ng5 33. Rh1, you can already see that wolf is at the door. There is no hope in 33... Nf3 34. Rh6 Nh4+ Rh4. Of course, I lost this most important game. Incidentally, my co-leader drew his game and so for a while all I had to do was to win this game to win the tournament. The table was set for me, and I faltered. There is definitely pain involved in Chess! I presumed that I have been relegated to third place but maybe not. Checking the standings, I see that I am still listed as second place. I will find out tonight at the awards ceremony what the true standings are. The only reason I can think of that will put me ahead of my last round opponent---who tied with me with 3.5 / 5---is that two of my wins were against 3-pointers while two of his wins were against 1.5-pointers.


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