Saturday, May 12, 2007

Don't you hate it when you have some of your pieces crammed together, and you can't seem to get them over to where the action is? It's like pulling teeth. Look at my bishop and knight on h4 and g3. They seem miles away from assisting in an attack against the black king. If Rg6 ever occurs, then I would be in an awful pin. With time running out, one has to go by intuition. I think it was V. Anand who said that intuition is the first move you think of. Well, I had to go in with 31. Qc7+. Black had options like 31... Qb7 32. Rc5 and White wins a piece, or 31... Nb7 32. Qb6+ Kb8 33. Bd8 and White is winning. Black, however, played 31... Ka8. Play continued with 32. Qc8+ Ka7, and now finally some help from the bishop with 33. Bd8! This move was not easy to find in a time scramble. Unfortunately for Black, he did not see the main threat of the bishop on d8. With pieces in awkward squares, the position seemed complex if not unclear.
Black played 33... Bd6? to which the coup de grace 34. Bb6# followed swiftly.


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