Thursday, May 10, 2007

Support for GM Nigel Short

The cavalry comes to the rescue for GM Nigel Short. The English Chess Federation, much to its credit, will not let any FIDE big shots trample all over one of its most valued members. The message to FIDE is clear. GM Short is not alone in this fight. The ECF sent a letter to FIDE that asked, " Even in the event, that the complaint against GM Short is withdrawn, we reserve the right to ask the Commission to investigate the conduct of Messrs Azmayparashvili and Makropoulos. " The ECF also stated, in reference to GM Short's comments, that " it believes that they were a legitimate response to a series of mistakes and missed opportunities made during the above events which have impacted disastrously on the worldwide image of chess, and made the important work of this federation much more difficult." I love this stuff. Azmayparashvili and Makropoulos will be disappointed. They will not be able to lord it over GM Short as easily as they thought.


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