Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gm 3


Ponomariov -

White had a drawn position earlier in the game, but Ponomariov pressed on for a win. What usually happens when a player forces a win out of a drawn position you already know! In positions like the one above, it is the incessant checking from the defending queen that has to stop. It is through those annoying checks, mobility in another sense, that the opponent drums up some counterplay. Rublevsky tried a neat maneuver with 91... Qf3+. If 92. Kh4, then 92... Qg3+ 93. Kh5 Qh3+ and the queens are exchanged. The F pawn promotes. So, 92. Kh6 Qg2 forces Ponomariov to vacate the f1 square and there are no tempo-gaining checks in sight. 0-1


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