Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I was beginning to recover from a slump, having lost several blitz games in the most stupid fashion, when this position came up. Playing black, I could have wrapped up the win in a few moves if only I played a bit more carefully. Alas, that was a big IF. White played 36. Rf1 as if in a desperate move to save his F pawn. Indeed, I could finally promote my A pawn and played 36... a1(Q). White took the queen with 37. Ra1 and here I should have been more careful by playing 37... d3+ for the win. However, I hastily played 37... Ra1 and it turned out to be a stalemate. This was a great save by white. Another variation is not to promote the A pawn on the 36th move, but to play 36... d3+. This move forces the white king back to the first rank, like 37. Ke1, and only then should I have promoted the A pawn with 37... a1(Q) mate.


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