Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The bishop pair is most dangerous in open positions. We have been told this many times, but I missed a good move to unleash their power upon my opponent whose rook is still undeveloped. Before I proceed, it is obvious to those who are better players than me that 26... Rc2+ is the best move since it wins the knight on b2 outright after 27. Kd1. If 27. Kb1, then 27...Rc4 discovered check. Anyway, I missed this continuation and usual excuse is that this was a blitz game---as most of the games in my blog are.

In this position, I played 26... Rg1+ followed by 27. Nd1 Bf3 28. Kd2 and so on. I could have tried 26... Rb2! 27. Kb2 c3+ 28. Kb1 c2 mate. Nice. Other variations will result in the capture of the rook on a1 and black will be a piece up.


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