Sunday, November 30, 2014

Reversal of Fortune

Having played carelessly, I found myself in this seemingly hopeless position. Not only would I lose the exchange, but end up losing both rooks in two moves. I thought about resigning, but decided that desperation was better than resignation. I could see some kind of counterplay after White was finished picking up material. Play continued with 13...hg  14.Qh8+ Kf7  15.Qa8

Here we were after losing both my rooks. Although this was an online game, my opponents glee was palpable. He was as contented as a fat cow on the range. But now, the counterattack...  15...Qb4+  16.c3 Qb2 threatening the rook and mate on d2  17 Rd1 Qc3+. White would not escape if he played 16. Ke2 because of 16...Qd2+  17.Kf3 Qf2++

We are almost there. White was forced to play 18. Ke2 Bb5+ bringing another piece into the attack. 19. Rd3 Qd3+ (better than 19...Bd3+). 

Checkmate would follow very soon beginning with 20. Ke1 Qd2++ I don't think that my opponent appreciate it.


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nice game!

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