Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Deep Freeze Quads, 2010. Bergen Chess Mates ( Ridgewood, NJ). I had expected my opponent to put up stiffer resistance, but in this game at least he didn't play very well. So much so that I was two pieces up before the 31st move, and I was threatening an obvious winning sacrifice. I reckon he might not have seen it coming after all because he played 30. Qc1-f4 d6 31. Bd5... and you have the position above. All is set for the winning move 31... Nd3! attacking the white queen and threatening mate on b2. Moving the queen back to c1 doesn't work. White ultimately lost sight of the mate threat and played 32. Qa4???

But all was lost for white anyway. Consider 32. cd3 Bd3+ 33. Kc1 Qc3+ 34. Kd1 Qc2+ 35. Ke1 Qe2 mate.


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