Friday, January 30, 2009

Corus 2009. Round 11. Group C.

Round Eleven was good for Wesley So. He beat the early leader of Group C, M. Bosboom, in a Center Counter. Hillarp Persson lost to Bitalzadeh, and that gave So the lead with 8 points. Hillarp Persson is now in second place, half a point behind. With two more rounds to go, we don't really know who's going to win this group. Tomorrow will be the great matchup between the two leaders. In today's game, So dominated but on the 25th move he played a line that Fritz9 wasn't even considering. Here is the position:

So played 25. Ra6. The line that Fritz9 was considering went 25. f4 Nc6 26. fg5 Re3 27. Qc6 Rg3+ 28. Kh2 Re3 29. gh6 Re6 and the computer gave white a + - 4.13 advantage over black. So's line gave black more play, but a losing game anyway. The game went 25. Ra6 Qf5 26. Kg2 Qc8 27. Ra4 Rd8 28. Qb5 Rd2 29. Re5 Rb2 30. Rc5 Rf2+ 31. Kf2 Qh3 32. Ra8+ Kh7 33. Rh5 1-0


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