Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Corus 2009. Group C. Round 10.

The good news is, Wesley So won again today against Pruijssers. The wet blanket is that Hillarp Persson also won. That put Hillarp Persson in clear first place, ahead by half a point of So who is in clear second with seven points. Now, we can see the high cost of So's loss the other day. Yes, So could have had a draw there, at least, but he blundered a knight away under his opponent's time pressure problems. Anyway, both So and Hillarp Persson can help their chances when they play each other in round twelve. Here is today's final position after 47...g3 :

That G pawn will be supported by the F pawn while white needs make time to advance his B pawn. White's king is effectively cut off from supporting the E pawn and joining the action on the kingside. Fritz gave us this line : 48. Nd2 Ng5 49. Nf1 f4 50. Kb2 f3.


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