Friday, January 23, 2009

Corus 2009. Group C. Round 6.

Wesley So took the lead in Group C, Corus 2009 after defeating Leon Hoyos in what has been the most tactical game so far for the 15-yr old GM. So's got 4.5 / 6, half a point ahead of the former leader Hillarp Persson. In third place is Bosboom with the same score as Hillarp Persson. Wesley's opponent tomorrow will be D. Harika who has 3 / 6. Well, So came out slugging for this game. You could almost smell the supreme confidence in his play, coming to the board with a win from yesterday. Leon Hoyos chose to defend with a Sicilian and play became very tactical right from the starting gate. His position started to seriously come apart after a very fine tactical shot by So at this point in the game:

So played 34. Rd6! Folks, pay good attention to the f6 and h6 squares. Is that a 3-way fork I see? And how about that double attack on the king and queen on h6? Houston, we have a problem. Play continued with 34...Re3 35. Rh6+ Qh6 36. gh6 f4 37. Qh4 Ra2+ 38. Rf2 and black resigned.


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