Monday, November 12, 2007

Zurich, 1953: Let's go back to David Bronstein's highly regarded book on the Zurich Tournament of 1953. It was Round 8 between Reshevsky and Kotov, Game 51 in the book. Kotov had just played the strong-looking move 34...Qd3-e2. The obvious threat is 35...Qe1 mate. White was unable to capture the queen on e2 because of 35...Rd1+ and mate in the next move. According to Bronstein, Kotov's move also had the dangerous threat of 35. Rf1 Rd1 36. Nd2 Qd2 and only 37. Bc4 can save the day for white.
Reshevsky came up with a lightning bolt of a move 35. Qf8+, a move Kotov probably never considered. Boom! Bronstein's side note said that at this point Reshevsky asked how many moves have been made ( not acceptable GM practice ) to which a spectator responded ( illegal ). Interesting. Anyway,play continued 35...Rf8 36. Re2 Rc6 37. Re7 and Reshevsky went on to win the game in 42 moves.


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