Tuesday, October 16, 2007

World Junior Chess Championship, 2007, Final: The second half of this tournament was certainly a slambang affair with several players taking the lead at every turn. Well, in the end, it was Egypt's GM Ahmed Adly who triumphed over a field of 80 players. He scored 10 points in 13 rounds, leading after the 6th round and then falling behind to come back on top in the end. GM Adly won his last three rounds. Second place went to GM Ivan Popov of Russia with 9.5 points followed by GM Wang Hao with 9 points in third place. For those of you who follow IM Wesley So, he settled in 20th place with 7.5 points. Considering that this young man of 14 was leading the pack at around midpoint and then lagged behind after successive loses, it seems to me that he might have ran out of steam. GM Parimarjan Negi took 8th place with 8.5 points.

Here is GM Adly's last round game against G. Meier after his 51. Kh3 when black resigned. Let's take a look: 51...Bd6 52. Rd6 Rc8 53. Nd2 Rc5 54. Nf3 and white has won another pawn...Rb5 55. Kg4 Ke7 56. Rd5 Rb6 57. Ne5 and white has a very superior position.


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