Friday, October 05, 2007

World Blitz Championship 07: A recent post at the DailyDirt chess blog got me scratching my head. According to the post, FIDE is planning another World Blitz Championship this year to be held right after the World Cup in November. There was one held in Israel last year, and Grischuk won that one. He, therefore, is regarded as the reigning World Blitz Champion. As reported, FIDE will seed a few well-known personalities into the final, and all others will have to qualify. Included in the group who have to claw their way to the top is none other than the reigning champion. The illogicality of this decision makes me leery of the report's accuracy. But, knowing FIDE's propensity for byzantine procedures ( world championship cycle ) and unabashed mood swings ( Topalov rematch ), this could very well be the case. Wow. And we play a game based on logical deduction?


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