Wednesday, October 24, 2007

- Nakamura
The black queen is under attack, and what follows is a kinghunt of legendary proportion. Nakamura starts it off with 21...Qf2+. Krasenkov must have gone into the proverbial " Whatda *$#@ is this? " He accepted the sac with 22. Kf2 Bc5+ ( 22. Kh1 Rf6 23. Ne4 Qa7 24. Nf6+ Nf6 25. Ra1 Qb2 26. Ra5 Bb7 and white has two pieces for a rook and a passed C pawn which might be better than the text move which drew the white king into the open) 23. Kf3 Rf6+ ( another piece comes into the attack) 24. Kg4 Ne5+ ( and another!) 25. Kg5 Rg6+ ( 25. Kh3 Rh6+ 26. Qh5 Rh5# ) 26. Kh5 f6 ( 27...Rh6 is the threat ) Diagram 2

( 26. Kf5 Bc8+ 27. Kf4 Nd3+ ) The hunt went on with 27. Re5 Re5+ 28. Kh4 Bc8 and white resigned. Let's see, there's a threat of 29... Rh6#, if white went 29. g4, then 29...Bf2+ 30. Kh3 Rh6#. If 29. Bd5+ ( making room for the king actually ), then 29...Rd5 30. g4 Rd3 31. Qf3 Bf2+ 32. Kh3 Rg4 and black is completely winning. This game was played at the Casino de Barcelona, 2007.


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