Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mexico 2007, World Chess championship

This double-round robin tournament begins today in a matter of hours. Predictions have been made by pundits and bloggers, and so I need to make mine before the first move is made. I think in the very end, we can expect to see Kramnik, Aronian, and Anand battle for first place. Gelfand hardly qualified for this tournament and so with Grischuk. They will lag behind and finally tail off. Leko, as I have always felt, is erratic. You don't know which Leko will show up and this unsteady aspect of his play will never make him a world champion. Svidler is very good, but he is somewhat like Leko. I think Leko and Svidler will occupy the midsection of the roll. Morozevich? He comes up with a brilliant game or two occasionally, but he is not consistent against elite opposition. He might upset the favorites along the way and have an effect on the final outcome. Aronian is rock-steady and he keeps his focus very well as we have seen in his match against Carlsen. I would have loved to see Carlsen in this group instead of Gelfand or Grischuk. It is also because of his elimination of Carlsen in the Candidates matches that I think Aronian should make his presence count, if not earth-shaking. In the absence of Kasparov, I now follow Aronian's games more than anybody else's. Wishing upon a star, I would be very pleased to see either Kramnik or Aronian emerge on top and I think that they will.


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