Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some Chess coming up in NJ

If you're adversely affected by Summer's end, there are three tournaments that could make you feel better about the coming of Fall. There is the Viking Last Sat Quad at the Courtyard Marriot in Mt. Arlington. Like a true New Jerseyite, I can tell you that's at Exit 30 of I-80. Three-rounder, G/90, begins at 10am, EF $20. Any questions, you can email to

The very next day, you've got the Westfield Action Quads at 220 Clark St., Westfield. Another three-rounder but G/45 this time. First round is 2:30pm. They schedule their tournaments later in the day. The last round is at 6:10pm so you'd be done just before 8pm. EF $20. For more info: Todd Lunna, 732-946-7379. You can go South on the GSP, Exit 137, and then head West on Route 28. Bring some I.D.

Okay, that brings us to the following holiday weekend and the 61st New Jersey Open. Sept. 1-3, 2-3. Nice. This one will be in Somerset, Exit 12 of I-287 South. Specs are 6SS, 40/2, SD/1. So, there will be a lot of time to think out your moves, or mistakes. Venue is Ramada Inn at 60 Cottontail Lane. EF $65 if mailed by 8/25, $80 at site. Sections are Open, U1900, U1600, and U1300. 3-day and 2-day schedules. First and second rounds for 3-day schedule is at 12 noon and 7pm, Saturday. If you're interested, check your Chess Life Magazine or again email I am just here to whet your appetite.

I am actually considering playing in all three, but the wife put on a long face when she heard about it. I am back to the same old balancing act.


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