Sunday, August 19, 2007

Can you believe this? Do you think I made it up? It is from an actual game. Tigran L. Petrosian versus David Navara, Ordix Open in Mainz, 2007, Round 10. You might not see a triple fork involving two queens and the king again in your life. There is, however, one more peculiar thing about this position. Petrosian had just played 47. Nc5+ and then resigned without waiting for Black's reply. It seems that Petrosian just wanted to execute this dramatic fork before running up the white flag. What's the point of continuing? After Black's 47...Kc4, 48. Ne4 or 48. Nb3 will not help White at all. BTW, congratulations to David Navara who emerged as the tournament winner with 9.5 points out of a possible eleven. He lost in the last round, but up to this point he was 9.5 out of ten. Impressive performance. A total of 762 players!


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