Monday, August 20, 2007

Timman -
Jones, G

This game comes to us from the 5th Staunton Memorial 2007, Round 11. I bet Rusty wished he could have this one back. Oh, did I say Rusty? I meant Jan. Quite incredibly, Timman lost his way in a well-known opening line. Jones last move was 12...Nh5-Nf4 (Diagram) and things must have seemed innocuous enough for Timman to respond with 13. Bg7. Much to his chagrin, Jones came back with 13...Qg5! Houston, we have a problem. Although it looked very dangerous, there was a way out of this mess. However, Timman caved in and traded his queen for two minor pieces. Here's how it went: 14. Qf4 Qf4 15. Bd4... Timman could have gone 14. Kf2 and survived. The discovered attack on the white queen 14...Nh3+ would fail against 15. Ke1. Timman went on to lose the game in thirty-eight moves. This is the kind of debacle that can send somebody into the streets, all night, looking for a shoulder to cry on. Sorry, Jan.


Blogger F.A. Buenaventura said...

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Till then

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Blogger Tom Chivers said...

I'm sure Jan found some consolation in beverage or two after the blunder...

4:18 AM  
Blogger Ted Teodoro said...

Kiko, getting the chess publisher on your website is easy. You can get pgn files from the web, and you can cut and paste the pgn into the applet at chess publisher to generate the html code. You just need to add this code, again via cut and paste method, to your site's html template at The board will appear on your site, ready to go. You might have to write your own pgn files for games played in the Philippines using Wordpad. The pgn files you will find on the web are largely international. Please email me at so I can answer yu=our other questions. Thanks.

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