Friday, June 15, 2007

USCF Executive Board Elections 07

The latst edition of Chess Life arrived at my doorstep earlier this week, and with it came the official ballot for the executive board elections. The ballot is now all folded up as per instructions of the USCF, and ready for mailing. Most members of the USCF do not vote, and so it has become more important to cast mine. I, like many, do not have an intimate knowledge of each candidate, and the politics within the organization. I have relied on the comments of people on the web plus my gut feeling about some of them.

For example, I did not vote for either Susan Polgar or Paul Truong. If ever they get elected, they will form a 2-vote bloc that will give them a lot of leverage against those oppose who them. Sorry, but I don't see them as two entities thinking differently but one mind in two bodies. They would form one permanent, unshakable political alliance on the board and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Furthermore, I read in Polgar's blog that she books her engagements two years in advance. That's a very busy schedule, and I am afraid that an elected position on the board will amount to just another stripe on Polgar's sleeve and not a job she has to do. Where will she get the time, or willingness, to focus on the federation's business? I am also concerned that if elected, both Susan and Paul could turn the executive board and the federation into a vehicle of self-promotion. I am not saying this as a matter of certainty, but just the prospect of it scares me. The other item that could raise your eyebrow is my vote for Sam Sloan. Even if people portray him as an odd ball, I think that he is the type who will not shrink from questioning something that does not look kosher. I want him up there so others can't feel completely safe or free from reproach or criticism. He could be eccentric, but he is not insane.

So, I voted for Joe Lux, Stephen Jones, Sam Sloan and Jim Berry. Good luck to them.


Blogger Ryan said...

Interesting vote for Sam Sloan. The only thing everyone seems to agree on (apart from Sam Sloan), is that everyone wants to get rid of Sam Sloan!

I'm from the UK, so I don't have a say, but some of the content on Sloan's website doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Still, that's democracy. At least you're voting unlike most members. :)

8:19 AM  

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