Tuesday, June 05, 2007

President's Cup Ultimate Computer Chess Challenge

The silicon super grandmasters are at it again namely Deep Junior and Deep Fritz. Their match will coincide with the second round of the Candidates Matches in Elista. In fact, the match will be played amidst the candidates, presumably on the very same stage. Time control is G/75 + 10 sec per move. Now, that's too much time for computers but nevertheless that is it. Believe it or not, there is a prize fund of $60,000 to the winner and $40,000 to the loser. Now, how's a computer going to spend that kind of money? I am not a fan at all of computer chess in competition, but you might be. I wouldn't pay a $3 entrance fee to watch them play ( not that they are charging such a fee). I like the humans better. They squirm, fidget, and become restless. They have the same organic equipment as I do. There's something attractive about the human effort. Anyway, if you like this stuff, heaven will open its gates for you tomorrow. BTW, David Levy will be the arbiter, in case there is a dispute!


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