Saturday, June 30, 2007

Peng Zhaoqin wins Women's Dutch Championships

This trans-cultural lady has won the women's section of the Dutch Championships for eight consecutive times. This year, she earned a two-point lead over the second placer and managed to avoid losing a single game. Out of nine rounds, Peng scored two draws and seven wins. Who is this lady?

First of all, being of Chinese origin, Peng is actually the surname and not Zhaoqin. She was born in China in 1968 and played for the Chinese team in the 1980s. She left China in 1996. Started playing chess at twelve, Peng earned her full Grandmaster's title in October, 2004. Her present ELO rating is 2439 ( April, 2007). She is married to a Dutchman and they have one child as of this time. Peng is number twenty-eight in the FIDE Top 50 Women chessplayers (2007).

More power to you, Zhaoqin!


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